Apple Watch Setup Issues


Have been trying to setup my Apple watch 3 this week and when I go through the setup I keep getting stuck at the Optus login page. Keeps saying incorrect username or password, even though I can login to the Optus app and on a pc browser fine.


I have been troubleshooting this for over a week with Optus with little luck. I have reset passwords, Optus have reset settings on their end, and they even called and thought that I should upgrade my phone's SIM as it is more than a year or 2 old. This did not work either.


I also cannot get tech to call me back with their 'HELP" sms messages either. Keep having to jump on the chat and re-explain the issue while they try the same 3 things again.


Would really appreciate some insight as I've read a few people on here were having issues with this a year ago.


Please help!


Re: Apple Watch Setup Issues


I've not had this problem when I set up my Apple Watch 4. 

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Re: Apple Watch Setup Issues

Re: Apple Watch series 3 cellular not working[ New ] 

Yes I’m having the same problem. Spent hours trying to get this sorted out. Still no cellular connection to Optus. Apparently number share has been activated by the Optus technical support person I spoke to. Keep getting wrong username or password when in the Apple Watch iPhone app. Username and password work when logging in via the Optus website. This is ridiculously frustrating. May as well have purchased the series 2 Apple Watch becausw that’s all I can do with the series 3 cellular with this issue going on. Anyone had a fix for this problem yet?


Re: Apple Watch Setup Issues


This one is my Forte' @Latsyrk


PM us with your details. I need your full name, DOB and mobile number.

Sounds like the add-on hasn't been provisioned on our end. We'll see if we can work it out. 


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