Apple Watch 4 Supplied Sim


I have an existing iPhone sim plus an iPad sim. I now have an Optus bought Apple Watch 4. The Apple Watch is setup with number share and everything is working as expected. Optus supplied a sim card with the watch and I fail to see why it is needed as the watch has an e-sim. Anyone know why they supply a sim? I have not activated it, just sits in a cupboard! Can this sim be used in another device like a mobile broadband wifi device?

Re: Apple Watch 4 Supplied Sim


You can use it in another device but you'd have to select a plan for that said SIM. As the Apple Watch 4 doesn't need a SIM but they probably threw it in the box by force of habit rather than "need".

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Re: Apple Watch 4 Supplied Sim


Thanks for the reply. Looking at my account info it has that the sim service number is already on a plan, $15 per month for 3GB data. The 3GB data allowance is added to my data pool. So my data pool consists of 3 service numbers, my mobile, iPad and the sim number that came with my Apple Watch. My wife and daughter also purchased the Apple Watch 4 through Optus and they also received a sim! 

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