Apple Music free data streaming


Hi there,

Just wondering if anyone can tell me if Optus have ever thought about adding Apple Music to the list of free music streaming data.

If it will never be offered why?



Re: Apple Music free data streaming


Most likely Optus are being paid to provide the data by the companies involved - Its a method to encourage the usage (joining etc.) of certain services (Stan, Netflix, FetchTV). 


I suspect no one with an iPhone needs to be encouraged to use Apple Music? 


As an aside commpanies also routinely "educate" customers into higher usage levels of their product. Mc Donalds for instance offers twice as much food for very little extra. Optus offers free data so after a while you hopefully become a heavy user and can then start being charged.




Peter Gillespie

Re: Apple Music free data streaming


Any Optus people willing to reply.. I would love the option to use Apple Music as I find it better than Spotify 

Re: Apple Music free data streaming


As of today @Dan7784  Optus now have Apple Music included on eligible plans. You can check more info here >

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