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Ok, so I have a phone that I got from Optus last September that died on me. I am an UBER driver so I need a phoen to work and cant wait 2 weeks for my phone to be repaird so I wanted to add a new phone onto my account. When going through the application there was flagged an unpaid bill of $94. Trouble is the bill is not mine, it is a different account that belonged to me father, he is no longer even living in Australia. So they want me to pay this account. I explained that this is not my account. it is registered to a different address with a different date of birth. I have been passed around fron different departments and nobody can help me resolve this. Whether the account holder is my father or not, this is irelevant. The account is not in my name, I did not open it nor am I responsible for it. So rather than me getting a new phone I am sending my phone for repair so I am unable to work for two weeks. I had three numbers on my account and I also have Fetch TV. I pay about $300 a month for all my services, which apparently Optus don't care whether I remain a customer or not. So I was going to be getting a new tablet this week, but Optus have lost that sale. When my phone contract expire I will move elsewhere as they are unwilling to resolve this issue. It seems they are happy to lose a good customer for the sake of an expired $94 account belonging to another customer.

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That is bizarre that a different account was stopping you going through. I use to work in Sales and I would imagine they need to get a bypass code to override the error.


If you still need a hand, feel free to private message me with your phone number, full name and DOB. I'll have someone in sales check it out and get back to you.

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