Anyone else getting overcharged monthly? Any solution!?


Is anyone else having issues with being overcharged with Optus? I think at this stage I have no choice but to go to the TIO, every single bill now i'm getting charged extra, charges reversed, with promises it wont happen again, then it repeats! Wasting so much time on their live chat (which now crashes when they ask for contact details) and phone calls


I was first overcharged on my prev. SIM plan for $30 - got  bill for $40. Contacted live chat and they said i'd get credit next month automatically (found out later from a crowd support optus rep that this was wrong, and they manually fixed my plan)

Here is what's happened to me since then:

* April I found a $49 plan with 10gb + 10gb bonus data + phone

* Went on live chat as my previous SIM only plan hadn't expired. They confirmed I could transfer to this plan with no additional charges, so they did it for me

* After I get my new phone, Opened Optus app and see 'free' TV streaming available for my service, sign up for it

* Get an SMS saying i'll get charged $10 for streaming TV. Contact Optus live chat and they say that it's definitely free, and also confirm that I get 10gb bonus data

* Next bill get a charge for $10 for using additional data (I used about 11gb). Get on optus chat, they credit my account and say it wont happen again

* Next bill get a charge for $140 for a 'plan change', $10 charge for using additional data and $10 charge for the 'free' tv streaming. End up getting all this reversed, with a promise it wont happen again

* Latest bill get a charge for $10 for using additional data. Optus rep tells me he's looked up the promotions and claims there was never a 10gb bonus offer for my plan (This is wrong, this was the whole reason I signed up - the Ozbargain page where I found the deal is still listed as well). Then goes on to say that they'll offer it to me as a goodwill gesture as I was told i'd get it previously by another rep.  This time he says it will take 24 hours because they're very busy


So over it!



Re: Anyone else getting overcharged monthly? Any solution!?


It would not seem to be an isolated case.


IMO Optus urgently need to do a review of how they actually sell products and services to try find out why so many orders seems to require customer followup to get corrected. 


If Optus was to do an email survey of all its current customers asking "In the last three months have you had any issues with incorrect details or amounts on your bill?" I suspect the number of "Yes" answers would shock them.


Peter Gillespie 

Re: Anyone else getting overcharged monthly? Any solution!?


Hey @Wozz - thanks for taking the time to write this up. Can you please PM us with your account details, full name and DOB? Happy to investigate this for you.


Apologies for the experience.

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Re: Anyone else getting overcharged monthly? Any solution!?

[ Edited ]

Well looks like I got an official answer from Optus regarding their stance... its just my tough luck that they're overcharging me monthly and i need to keep calling every month if i keep getting charged extra,  they don't care about my time being wasted and wont offer anything as an apology.. here is an excerpt of the response I've received.. this is after they've attempted to overcharge me in excess  of $200 and counting... really frustrating and disappointing.  Pretty much forcing people to go to TIO  to get out of contract they aren't fulfilling. 


Not happy



I'm afraid we're unable to credit a customers account for time taken to resolve an issue or poor customer experience.

Apologies, William. We won't be able to assist in that matter. 

Re: Anyone else getting overcharged monthly? Any solution!?


Unfortunately billing errors (and how they are handled) is likely in the contract you signed.


No doubt Optus don't like errors and in general will recredit them on request (as contractually obligated to) but constant stuff ups and an inability to fix an ongoing problem would generally come under the banner of is a company any good?


That standard survey question of "On a scale of 1 to 10 how likely are you to recommend Optus to your  friends?"


Changing the technology behind the scenes to properly bill customers would be a massive job. But IMO Optus should start assigning single contact points to customer issues that are not getting resolved. It would go a long way to improving the score given above I suspect.


Peter Gillespie

Re: Anyone else getting overcharged monthly? Any solution!?


Yeah i was honestly very happy with their response to this problem the first time i had it, they were quick to check and quick to resolve..


Its just becoming a massive issue now because each time they wanna read previous notes on my account which obviously takes a really long time as there are more and more... so I'm just stuck waiting repeatedly.


I think they really should prioritise sorting out their systems too (even if only to benefit themselves), wasting more and more of their staff time as well as mine!


Just so dissappointing knowing i may well have to keep complaining of i cant get out of the contract! 

Re: Anyone else getting overcharged monthly? Any solution!?


Here we go again, this months overcharges total $30!


Extra charges as follows:

2 x $10 data packs (I've used 8gb less than my alloted 20gb data FYI)

1 x $10 TV Streaming Pack


Notes on above charges:

Mark from Optus Support advised me he'd have the ongoing data charge issues escalated on 5/7/18. Promised to follow up for me - I have heard nothing from him since. An Optus Rep on these forums has advised me IT is investigating, and has offered to credit me for additional credit charges.. Still a pain to have to message them every month, but better than waiting 20-30 mins for Optus Support to review my case each time


The TV Streaming pack was supposedly cancelled last month by another Optus Rep.. Obviously the cancellation hasn't gone through and i'm still being charged... 


As soon as I have time i'm going to need to compile all the info I have to escalate, just so frustrating!!! Can't believe I have to spend so much of my own time to avoid being charged extras..

Re: Anyone else getting overcharged monthly? Any solution!?


If it's technology matters, why is always overcharging, and never the opposite?


In Spain is the same with Movistar. I guess they get a huge amount of money from the ones don't clime back. More than sure.

Re: Anyone else getting overcharged monthly? Any solution!?


Yeah this kind of frustrates me too, the fact that they would be happy to accept so many extra incorrect payments from people that don't have time to check their accounts monthly,  yet they're not happy to compensate me for wasted time every month!

Re: Anyone else getting overcharged monthly? Any solution!?


@Wozz, I've replied back to your private message. I've gone in and credited the excess $30.00 data charge and submitted a new order for the 10GB bonus data. 

We'll chat with you there. 


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