Any one else have issues with current promo plus plan?


Hi, I recently set up a new optus account for my bf, tempted by the $59 per month/24 months and a samsung S9. I think I made the mistake of ordering it through online chat instead of myself on the website as the online chat person didn't prompt me if I wanted to port an old number. The deal is 30gb of data, clearly stated on the website and in the contract we were sent. 

I realised straight after finalising the contract about the porting issue so got back online and we were put through to someone on the phone eventually who said that would happen. New phone arrives the next day and when we call to check the port is going to happen, Optus say no it's not been ordered. So we try again. Meanwhile the person on the phone also activates the sim with a different number! 

Then it looks like the plan only has 5GB of data assigned. We question this but are told it'll take a day or so to activate the 30GB?!!

Fast forward to today, and we are told that a)the number cannot be ported without a monthly fee ?!! and b) that the plan signed up for was only 5GB. This is clearly nonsense, and finally the optus call service person says oh as a favour I can add 25GB to your plan. Very glad the extra data has been added but how is that a favour? It's not what we paid for or signed up to.

Has anyone else had issues with the current S9 promo? 

 And has anyone else ever been told there would be a monthly fee to port a number?

Re: Any one else have issues with current promo plus plan?

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Optus seem to apply 'bonus' data manually often. Many plans stipulate that the extra data will only be available from the second month of the plan. So a couple of days is probably pretty good (from their point of view). Personally I think that was boarderline misleading as small disclaimers don't contaract big DOUBLE DATA headlines, but that's a seperate issue.  


It sounds like something definitely got mixed up in your order. Its possible the ringing back and asking for the number to be ported ended up putting a spanner in the works as the customer service agent might have tried something that caused unintended consequences. I suspect the time you started again may have ended you up on a slightly different plan internally etc.


Can't say I've heard of a monthly fee for porting a number. Generally it either can be done or it can't. Only thing I can think of is that the promo is definitely for a new service only. Perhaps that means a new number must be issued and that Optus are increasing the cost of the plan? These are just guesses though.


I'll flag a mod and perhaps they can see why the extra charge. @Dan_C @Ray_YC


Peter Gillespie

Re: Any one else have issues with current promo plus plan?

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Thanks @petergdownload


You're welcome to send us a private message @Kathah


Have you received the plan critical information summary? That should have been emailed across.


The plan in question in the $59 My Promo Plus (Jan 19) 


Plan ID: 604531 & 11059485 (depending on the system that your service is held in.


I'll need your full name, DOB and mobile number. 



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Re: Any one else have issues with current promo plus plan?


Hi Peter, 

Yes you are probably right on all counts, and in the scheme of Optus timeframes it's not bad going that they were able to add the data after a few days! I did check the contract and terms with a fine tooth comb as I had read about the data sometimes being added after the first month, although interestingly there is nothing about that in this current promo plus contract. Perhaps just something other people should be aware of, and I agree it would be misleading to be advertising big data with a hidden note about waiting for one month. I think that's part of the frustration - ordering, agreeing to and paying for something, with Optus then suggesting it wasn't what we agreed. But perhaps the porting issue caused confusion. 


And the theoretical adding of a new number to an existing contract is also perhaps the explanation for the additional payment...although that is incredibly frustrating as it was a brand new contract on Friday, and it was Optus who originally activated the sim within the same conversation about porting the number. We were asked to listen and agree to the porting terms twice, which you would hope would be enough of a record that we wanted to port before anything was activated!  


A learning curve - don't use Optus online chat windows for anything important, and just because a service has been otherwise reliable doesn't mean there won't be frustrating slip ups (I've been with optus several years and have optus internet with no issues up to this point). 

Cheers for your thoughts

Re: Any one else have issues with current promo plus plan?


Yes the 30Gb is just a single amount (Note 5Gb + 25Gb bonus or the like). Which is why I suspect the palan might have been mis keyed somehow. But it sounds like that side of things is settled now thankfully. 


Do respond to Dan above as he's good at finding out where things might not have matched up 100%.


Great plan btw and agree once things are up and working at Optus its a great experience and deal.


Peter Gillespie

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