Annoyed and frustrated - want to opt out and leave

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I ordered the iphone 8 plus on the 18th of this month.


Connected to chat today which is the 26th and was told my my first chat representative it was not placed. I was then transferred to the second support person, who could not offer any info and transferred me again, then the third person said your order was never processed and transferred me again. the 4th personal magically found my order and said ill get a confirmation email just like as if my order was  placed now.


In my first chat I was also told to keep my bundled discount i could not upgrade my current plan which finished next month and had to get a new service which does nt sound correct.Also that Optus do not sell 42ml size i watches which they obviously do. I feel really crap about this service i received, i am a long term customer and thinking i want to opt out and leave to Telstra.

Re: Annoyed and frustrated - want to opt out and leave


Definitely not a good experience, sorry @Ved Smiley Sad Did you get the email confirmation in the end? We definitely have 42mm watch, we're just currently out of stock of all models Smiley Sad


Re: Annoyed and frustrated - want to opt out and leave


I feel your pain. I placed an order on 21 Sept, received a confirmation email with temporary order number and nothing since! Chat and phone was a waste of time. 

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