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New Contributor melll
New Contributor

All personal details changed on online account!

I logged in to myOptus on the weekend and all of my personal details have been changed.  Name, dob, address, contact email and contact mobile number.  The only things still correct are my mobile number and email address (separate fields to the contact details).  I called Optus and was told to go into a store with my ID, and I just went to a store and was told I had to call.  They also gave me an email address to send a stat dec to relating to identity theft (but that requires a police statement).


I can see how if someone managed to log in as me they can change all the information themselves, EXCEPT the date of birth which cannot be changed.  Does anyone know how this could have happened?  I dread to think why it has happened, I haven't received a bill for the last couple of months as they are going to the new email contact address, so who knows what is being done with them...


I guess the only thing I can do is send a stat dec to the email address I was given and wait to hear something since no-one seems to be able to help my on phone or store, unless anyone has any other ideas??

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Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Re: All personal details changed on online account!

Its possibly a hack (and I'd be concerned if it is) but it seems more likely a data stuff up on Optus part. You occasionally hear reports of people seeing someone else's details etc. 


Unfortunately Optus don't have a one stop place to go where potential security issues like this can be dealt with quickly and authoritatively. As you found you run up against privacy provisions and that's a big wall.


FWIW I don't actually know what proving your identity will do for Optus? In effect you're actually proving you're not the person listed on the account now? You could perhaps send someone a recent past bill with your name and address on it that could enable someone to look into the account? Or get someone to email you a reset code as that is still valid.


You're correct though that changing the DOB is not an easy task  (which is why I'd suspect its a data stuffup)


Good Luck


Peter Gillespie

Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

Re: All personal details changed on online account!

Thiis happened to me but we found there were orders placed on my account for two new phones as well.


It took a few months to get sorted out but Optus reversed everything was I provided the stat dec along with certified copies of my ID and birth certificate along with as Peter suggested, multiple copies of previous bills all in my name.


The postal address on my account is still wrong but I give up trying to tell them the correct address to be changed to so if they send me anything important it is on them.


Good luck Smiley Happy

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: All personal details changed on online account!

Hi there Melll,

You have done the right thing by contacting Optus and (eventually) were advised the right information, more info can be found on our help and support page: Identity Theft

Optus does take it very seriously and will get it sorted out as bretthood mentioned, it does take a little bit of time.

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