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Hi, can you help guide me how I can add a Data Pack to my mobile phone service online? 

All the information I can find says to logon to account and go to Extras and Options, but I can’t find that tab anywhere??!


thank you

Re: Add a Data Pack


Seems an obsolete web page? The new Optus MyAccount login doesn't have those options and doesn't appear to have it anywhere I can find.


Nod to a Mod (I'm trying to tradmark that btw) for an update perhaps? @Ray_YC 


In the mean time Optus will give you 1Gb automatically for $10 (As opposed to the travel pack giving you 1.5Gb). You'll need to contact live chat (or call 1300 300 937)to see if they can arrange bigger amounts.


Peter Gillespie 

Re: Add a Data Pack

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Nod to a mod, I like it!

Apologies for the inconvenience, Nash1979. I believe it's a situation of due to us currently upgrading our billing systems, if your account number starts with a 62, customers need to contact us to add or remove a data pack. It it doesn't, then yes please let me know as some information looks like it needs updating on our end.

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