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Hi, I'm really disspointed with my optus service. I activated my sim card in my phone 4 days ago and still nothing, despite turning it off and on and putting the sim card in and out again. My friend has since text the number associated with my phone and someone else is responding? Does this mean that I'm paying a plan for a different phone??

I have also run to try and talk to someone about this and just get directed to go onto the internet page - which also has no answers on how to deal with it!!

Very inconvinient as I need this phone asap due to my job. Also confused as to whether I'm paying for a plan on a different phone, as the phone number associated with the phone is obviously active, just not on my phone!!!


Re: Activation issues


Hey @jenvoyle that's definitely weird and pretty concerning :/ Feel free to shoot me a PM with your full name, DOB, and the service number, and I'll see what's going on here. 

Re: Activation issues

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Hi jordan

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Re: Activation issues


Hey Jen, I've removed your details from public view and sent you a PM in regards to this. 

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