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Activating SIM took me more than a week!

Hi there,


I am new to OPTUS and new to this forum - so I hope sharing this experience will be beneficial for others that may or may not experience the same thing, porting from another provider to Optus (to optus: my issues have not been resolved)


My timeline is as follow:

June 5th:   Purchase the SIM CARD only plan online through OPTUS website

June 14th: I still have not received my SIM CARD and i went to live chat and spoke to someone who said that my paperwork have still not been actioned (although in OPTUS website, it is said that it will take only 1-5 business days - obviously not)

June 16th: Finally received my OPTUS SIM CARD

June 20th: I used the LIVE CHAT on optus website to activate my SIM CARD in which one of the OPTUS representative informed me that my number will be activated within 12 hours

June 21st: Still "NO SERVICE" on my phone

June 22nd: Still "NO SERVICE" on my phone

June 23rd: I thought 3 days should be enought time - I spoke to another representative who then informed me that none of my paperwork have been submitted and that she will do it this time and re-assure me that this is going to happen within 12 hours (AGAIN?)

June 24th: Still "NO SERVICE" on my phone

June 25th: Still "NO SERVICE" on my phone

June 26th: OK - enough is enough - I spoke to another representative who actually advised me to CANCEL my optus plan and got a new sim card instead - in which at this point, i agreed to do so because I have had enough drama

June 27th: Guess what? my old SIM CARD is finally deactivated from my previous provider and I finally have my OPTUS service on - so at this stage I called OPTUS back IMMEDIATELY and told them not to cancel my OPTUS plan as it is now fine and well (at this stage I was not angry anymore I am just glad that it's finally resolved)




In the evening, a random lady called me from Melbourne saying that OPTUS has sending her a text messages about my account activation and detail (BREACH PRIVACY HERE) and apprently, OPTUS has input a wrong telephone number in their system and this poor lady who hs similar phone number to me has been receiveing all my personal data from OPTUS.


June 28th (TODAY): at 11.38 AM my OPTUS service got cancelled again.


AFTER ALL THE DRAMA - i do not have active number and have been in live chat with OPTUS representative for the last hour.


Honestly, I am just unlucky with OPTUS or does anyone have similar issue here?


This has been absolutely horrible and quite frankly, the worst customer service that I have encountered because it seems that they did not put anything under my profile and everytime i go on call and live chat i have to re-write my entire life story with OPTUS


What next?

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Re: Activating SIM took me more than a week!

>>Honestly, I am just unlucky with OPTUS or does anyone have similar issue here?


Probably unlucky. I usually get what I want, even if it takes the usual 45 minutes on chat. However, on this forum, we see all the obscure complaints, and tend to think they happen more often than they do.

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Re: Activating SIM took me more than a week!

Hey @HappytoAngry - Thanks for taking the time to share your experience. Terribly sorry this has been the case for you :


I think I responded to you on another thread, however if that wasn't you, can you please PM me following out the following →


Mobile number

Full Name


Account holder Y/N


Happy to chase this up!

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