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Activating $50 Gift Card


I won the Acatel Mobile Phone in the 12 days of Christmas Giveaway.

It came with a $50 Eftpos gift card, i have done all the things it said to do to activate the gift card,

with 2nd recharge of mobile being the $30 amount.  So when i go to activate the gift card it just wont activate.

Can anyone help without me having to ring any number as am hearing impaired and find it difficult to hear on the phone

Thanks in advance

Re: Activating $50 Gift Card


Sorry to heart of the issues! I'll raise an escalation to have someone advise how to get this fixed for you and post back here asap.

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Re: Activating $50 Gift Card


I have the same problem.


Re: Activating $50 Gift Card


Got contacted by Optus through messenger this arvo saying to email your details, gift card no and security code along with mobile no to

They handle gift card problems.

Hope this helps and our problems fixed soon

Re: Activating $50 Gift Card


Thanks for the update @lync60,


Great to hear that the team got back to you! Fingers crossed, you hear back from them again soon. If anything else comes up, please give us a shout.


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Re: Activating $50 Gift Card


Heard back from Optus and apparantly it is my mistake. Having been 1st time i have had a pre paid mobile ( have had a post paid since 1st mobile phone with Optus for over 15years) i made mistake as i thought when you activate the SIM card you have to put some $ on it which i did of $!0, i didnt know that that counted as 1st recharge. I did recharge of the required amount 4 days later of $30 which is what i thought you had to do to be able to activate gift card but have been told the $10 amount is what is counted.

Seems unfair as i have recharged over the $30 amount by 4th Feb but nope only the $10 is what is gone by.

So looks like i have to miss out on the gift card and find another idea for my Granddaughters birthday present, well i have spent $40 to get $50. and now i think i just give up the pre paid and stick with my post paid, 

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