Activate your replacement Optus SIM card online

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Lost/damaged your SIM or unfortunately had your phone stolen and need to get a replacement SIM card? We've got you covered!


You can head over to your local Optus store and they can help you match the right SIM for the phone you'll be using for free! Find your nearest store here.

TIP - Not sure whether you need a Standard, Micro or Nano SIM? We've made things super simple with our 3 in one SIM card.


All you need to do is find your handset type in our Device Guides, refer to the Specs and it will show you what size SIM you require. You can then pop out the colour you need.


Follow the steps below to get started! 

1 - Log in to My Account

2 - From your dashboard, select the service you wish to replace your SIM for

3 - Select Settings from the menu on the right-hand side of your screen

4 - Click on Activate, that’s the first option in the Settings menu

5 - Click on Activate SIM (Note: You will lose your contacts if you haven't saved them to your device or backed them up elsewhere, our Device Guides also have tips to help with this)

6 - Choose the reason for replacing your SIM and click OK


7 - Pop in your SIM and you're ready to go!

The process takes between 15 minutes to 4 hrs, if it's not working then try switching your phone off, waiting a bit and trying again.

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