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Account holders - Pickup and Deliveries from stores


I'm having problems with my account being that I recently combined my account with my wife/families account I have lost all access to do anything with my own phone. For instance if something needs to be repaired with my own phone my wife has to take it in because she's the one listed down on the account. I went into my local Optus store recently and wasn't even allowed to pickup my own daughters phone because my wife is the only one to authorised to pick it up. This is a ridiculous setup and needs to be fixed to allow third party to come in with authorisation to pick up or send off an item. Telstra has a system whereby Full Authority can be given to a 3rd party I can't see why that could be implemented here. My wife is in the latter stages of pregnancy and had to go to quite a bit of pain to just go in and fix up this phone which could be averted if this administrative oversight could've been implemented.



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Moderator Aman_B

Re: Account holders - Pickup and Deliveries from stores

Hi @chockbill - Really sorry with the experience you've had with your account. At Optus we do have an option to add a Third person authority (TPA). For this the account holder has to just add a 4 digit PIN and this gives access to make changes or even cancel an account. To add a PIN, can only be done with customer care on 133937. 


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