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About new account

Basically the problem is that student visa is having only up to sep 03/2020 but still now we haven’t taken any device or account in Optus... we can able to take a new device with plan in the contract now and we having ID documents that international passport n student I’d n bank card n bank statement for proof of this eligible for to take a device n sim plan in Optus or not
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Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Re: About new account

HI there @Akhilnamala 


Optus VISA requirements:

Visa Expires:

  • 4-10 months: Eligible for Prepaid or Month to Month plans
  • 11 - 20 months: Eligible for Prepaid, Month - Month or 12-month SIM only
  • 21 months: Eligible for Prepaid, Month to Month, 12-month SIM only, or 24-month contract 

Unfortunately, we wouldn't be able to offer you a plan + handset if your Visa is due to expire less than 21 months from the sign-up date. 

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