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A question about insurance


Hello, my mother just started a plan on a phone for me under her name because I am under the minimum age to organise an account  myself. she also put Optus protect insurance on it [$14 more per month] and I was wondering that if I am the owner of the phone but not technically the account holder and I accidentally Damage or even lose it, then could I/she claim insurance to have it repaired/ replaced or not. Just wondering to see if it’s worth paying for insurance if I possibly could not be able to claim if something bad were to happen to the device. Thankyou!


Re: A question about insurance


Hi @HarryB ,


The insurance applies to the phone and not the person using it. As the owner, your Mum would have to make the insurance claim but the fact that it might have been you that lost it (for example) is not an issue.


Peter Gillespie

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