4g works, but cannot call or sma


Struggling since arrived back in Syd yesterday, cannot make any incoming/outgoing calls nor sms. However 4g works perfectly.


Spoke to 6 different Optus staff, 4 are technical support 2 are store staff. The last tech support is very helpful and trying her best to assist us (so far, no luck).


When calling out, will not ring and error msg pops up to say unable to call while barring is on. When calling my number from another phone, it says either Disconnected or Not Accepting incoming calls.


No barring set on device, no barring from Optus end. In fact, Optus thinks my account/service is working fine. 


After too many attempts to set and reset different settings on phone, power on and off countless times, replaced sim 3 times and hours of discussion with the tech support, service is still not working!


What am I supposed to do? This is affecting me in many ways, right now my business partners are questioning my professionalism and I am losing credibility due to this ridiculous problem.


Anyone out there have any ideas? Clearly the Optus team don't...

Re: 4g works, but cannot call or sma



A stab in the dark.  I have read in the past of a similar problem with Samsung phones where the solution was a factory reset.  From what I remember this resets the barring of outgoing calls.   I would suggest before going down this route you do a little research as it would mean reloading all your settings etc.



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Re: 4g works, but cannot call or sma


Thanks Dave, I was considering that option but was worried this will not help the situation as another Optus sim works in my phone. So, the issue is not the phone?


My last resort would be taking my number to another service provider if Optus is not competent to fix this. 


Asked Optus if they can cancel my current service and start a new one as my contract is due to renew in less than a month. Answer I got for that is they cannot until my account is back in working condition. Sounds like they are pushing my business away, shame I have been with them for so many years.

Re: 4g works, but cannot call or sma


@NextLevelDrama"replaced sim 3 times"


What do you mean by this? Have to gone into an Optus shop and told them that you lost your SIM, and you would like a new one?


Have you tried putting the SIM into another phone?



Re: 4g works, but cannot call or sma


Quite simple actually, walked into Optus store, told them we need post-paid mobile sim replacement. They took my ID and gave me a new sim.


Problem is now I don't remember if we've tested the new sim in a different phone while we there, I was jetlagged from the trip. 

The sales rep rushed me out when I went in for tge 3rd sim, she kept saying it will take at least 45min to 4 hr before the sim starts working, I didn't get to test it and next thing I know this sim also not working...

Re: 4g works, but cannot call or sma


You really need another phone for comparison, because they can break or get confused.


Re: 4g works, but cannot call or sma


You are right, I will take another phone to Optus and test the sim out tomorrow, if factory reset does not help like Dave suggested.

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