4g on windows 10 laptop - no service




I have a laptop (spectre X2, windows 10) with an inbuilt 4g modem. I recently purchased a data sim from optus but am unable to connect to the 4g network on my laptop. It occasionally finds a signal and connects, but usually says 'no service'.


I don't think it's a computer / modem problem, as with a vodafone sim my laptop connects to the internet. The sim is also fine, as it works on my phone. It's not a reception problem either, as my phone gets plenty of reception.

So I think it's a problem with optus settings on the computer. 


I also note vodafone has an app that automatically installs when you put a vodafone sim to manage the connection. From what I can find optus does not.


Is there a preferred way to connect my laptop to the optus network, and is there an app to manage the connection (similar to other providers)?

Re: 4g on windows 10 laptop - no service


Dunno if it's a good sign that it works on Vodafone, because they use different fequencies to everyone else in Australia.


Can you find the 4G specs anywhere for your model?


Re: 4g on windows 10 laptop - no service


Are you able to try and reconfigure your Network settings? If your Vodafone SIM is working then you might have Voda's APN setting stored. 


Check out this blog for more info on the topic → 


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