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$45 my plan plus and international talk & text pack

I’m on the plan above and wanted to add the international talk & text pack. I contacted customer service and they tried to add it but couldn’t. The only other alternative is to pay an extra $20 for exactly the same options. I’d actually be paying for one option that I already have on the $45 plan, namely unlimited international texts. 


Its seems unfair fair to me that the $45 plan can’t have the bolt-on added and Optus didn’t have a ready explanation aside from rising prices from overseas partners. 


I took on on an iPhone X with the $45 plan because the handset repayments are so much more expensive. On my previous contract I had 300 minutes and unlimited text included. 


Why is it I’m paying more and getting less?

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Honoured Contributor

Re: $45 my plan plus and international talk & text pack

You've bought the most expensive mass produced phone on the planet. That's the more.

Your included call features mean you can't do as much with it as you'd like. That's the less.


There's always a trade off.




Peter Gillespie

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