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New Contributor thenrymy
New Contributor

$36 Post paid plan turned into $50.99 bill

Hi, can someone help me with this?

I signed up to a post paid plan using an uber driver's offer.



It's advertised as $36 per month. However, my first bill is showing a whopping $50.99 with a charge of $13.63 Optus Sport that I did not sign up for. I went online and noticed that it has been an ongoing issue with these illegal charges. I also found out that my wife's optus bill is being charged with an optus sport as well. The advertise $36 is now showing $36.36 excluding GST. Is it legal to display price without GST in their advertisement? Any idea what can we do?



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RetiredModerator Shauna

Re: $36 Post paid plan turned into $50.99 bill

Hey @thenrymy - It does appear Optus Sport is being charged. We can certainly OPT you out if you wish. Can you PM me with your details? Also, with regards to GST, we advertise all plans inclusive of GST. 

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