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New Contributor

35 minutes on hold to request SIM activation. Come on!

After 20 mins on hold and I'm told 'I have the activation code' or some such.

Another 15 minutes on hold and I'm told 'Should be activated soon'.

I'm not fussed about the time after that. I'm fussed about the 35 minutes I was on hold adding no value.

Yes, I tried activating via web, but as the previous provider uses the Optus network, I was told to use chat, which I can't at work as it uses a pop-up which I can't enable in browser. I suppose I'd have waited as long anyway.

I know there's some dependency on the old provider but how many calls is each Optus representative juggling?

Seriously Optus, you need to value your customers' time, not just your own.



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Re: 35 minutes on hold to request SIM activation. Come on!

Hi @Bucketeer, understand that this would be really frustrating 😞 Have you been advised what's causing the delay? Like porting, ect?


We can definitely take a closer look at what's going on there! You can PM me with your order/service number, full name and DOB. 

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