28 days expiry


Hi guys, sorry for one question again. Can someone please explain the fact of "28 days expiry"? 

If I do not recharge after 28 days, I will lose my sim card? Or  I have to recharge after 28 days doesn't matter if I used all data GB or not? 


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Re: 28 days expiry

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There is usually a grace period, where your SIM is referred to as "passive". This period is some random number that catches you unaware.


In my account, which is a prepaid which I havent paid, it says : Your service will expire if not recharged before 14 Jan 2018


However, I think this is a lie, and it will expire next month.

Re: 28 days expiry


Hi @addifox,  the 28 days is the expiry of the the credit that's on the account not the account itself. This can vary for different Prepaid plans also different recharge amounts. So after 28 days, any credit still on the account will expire and won't be able to be used. You'll need to recharge again in this case.


Plans are here →


The SIM itself will remain active. I can talk 6 months of no credit for the SIM to be cancelled. 

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