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New Contributor Doggorock
New Contributor

25% $55 sim only plan

Hello. Can anyone help me with my question,

I  originally was an Optus Pre- paid mobile user and have successfully signed onto the $55 sim only plan with 25% off. It has 80gb. Do I receive a sim in the mail? My account has changed to incorporate the new plan (usage, bills etc) but I haven’t received anything. Or does it convert over onto the pre paid sim I have currently. I have continued with the same number. 

Thanks Smiley Happy

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New Contributor Latsyrk
New Contributor

Re: 25% $55 sim only plan

Hi @Doggorock,


I did the same recently and did not have to get a new sim, as they just changed the account in the back-end. Assuming you had a sim card to start with?



Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: 25% $55 sim only plan

@Latsyrk is right on the money.



There's no need for a new SIM card. Once we've processed your request, you'll receive an SMS confirmation.

I'm not sure if the copy within the text has changed, but it's along the lines of, "Welcome to Optus, your number is XYZ."

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