20gb $59 Online offer iPhone 8


Chatted with the online chat support about the online offer and due to it being out of stock, was told that i would be put on a waiting list for the iphone 8 and would be called when they had it in stock available and offer me the same deal. Has anyone else been offered this "waiting list" and if so do you know if its legit or just a lie to stop me from asking questions


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I haven't been offered this despite consulting with 3 different live chat operators.

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I'm a Coles employee and we were offered the $59mth plan with 20GB and a new Iphone 8 through our employee rewards program.  Logged in to purchase and there is no plan on the Optus site.  Spoke to an operator today (Sebastian) and he offered me the opportunity to go on a waiting list.  I was suspect to provide him with my current number, DOB and email address.  I did provide him just my email address so he could send me details.  So what I understand is that the offer is still valid.  I will be going into store to register for the waiting list as at least I can see who I am dealing with and that I hopefully won't have my personal details distributed.  Yep paranoid but the english and grammar was shocking.  Can't find any reference to the terms of the offer stating that once the handsets are sold out the offer ends.  Bet if I went into store I could get a handset and walk out.

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Hey @diveristy1ty2g, can I just confirm when you'd initially placed the order with us? 


As of the 22nd the iPhone 8 is no longer being offered online. The iPhone 8 is not available for rain check or back order. As far as a wait list is concerned, we've not been advised of such a list. 


@AndyColes, the iphone 8 is available in store however it's not available on the $59 promo plan. This is an online only offer. 



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In response to the Moderator.  The plan is actually now available in store.  I went into the Carindale store yesterday and they said that the offer was taken off line and is now being offered in store so I could sign up.  They did also want me to upgrade with an Apple watch at additionalmonthly charges which I declined.


So is this just the one rogue store or is it now being offered?

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Did you actually manage to purchase it or did they just say that ? @AndyColes


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Why is it that someone was able to go into a store and get the $59 plan??

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@AndyColes - Apologies about the late reply. This particular offer was an online exclusive and not something that should be offered in our stores. Can I get you to confirm if this was the same plan promo that our Carindale teamies referred you to?

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