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New Contributor Jakzanto
New Contributor

$2 a day question

Hey, I was wondering if there was a way to disable Optus apply another 500mb/$2 after 11:59pm.


I get once 11:59pm comes, the data you had the the previous day goes and Optus applies 500mb/$2, I get that. Though is there a way to disable the 500mb/$2 it applies after the intial 500mb/$2 has been used? 


Thank you.

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Moderator Ev_

Re: $2 a day question

Hi Jakzanto, if you use more than 500MB, we’ll automatically deduct another $2 and bump you up to a max of 1GB of data for the day. Total daily data usage is capped at 1GB, so you won’t be able to use more data that day if you reach the 1GB limit. The additional 500MB is built into the plan and can't be disabled I'm afraid. 

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