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Me and my husband have just moved to Melbourne 2 months ago from New Zealand (due to my work assignment) and are here to stay. Now at the moment we are using a prepaid service from another provider. I saw the other day that Samsung Galaxy S8 is now available for pre-order along with an Optus plan and I intend to get one for myself and my husband. However, I want it to get it as a surprise for him. Now considering I get ID'd when I sign up for a plan, I assumed that it is not possible. But even then, I could be wrong. Can someone advise what are Optus' terms on one person signing up for 2 plans if it is possible or not?



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Hi @ljsmite, you can have 2 services under you name, that's not a problem.  As it's a financial contract, there will be credit checks done so as long as it's not declined on those grounds you should be right.  If you want it under his name then he'll need to apply himself obviously (there goes the surprise).

Re: 2 Postpaid Plans


Hi @Scott_M,

Thanks a lot, Scott! That clears a lot of things!

Re: 2 Postpaid Plans


You're welcome @ljsmite Smiley Happy We're here if you need a hand with anything else! 

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