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New Contributor Chris-wren
New Contributor

$2 Days 3G Ready;

I am currently aware this plan is available to existing Optus prepaid mobile customers:  


  However I was connected to this plan but unfortunately the number for that SIM card was recycled and I now can not re-connect to the plan I am eligible to receive (according to T/C.) 


   I can give someone my details to see if they're are able reinstate the special promotion to my current SIM card.. 


   Your help would be a blessing.. 


  Thank you.. 

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Blog Author

Re: $2 Days 3G Ready;

Hi Chris-wren,


the $2 days 3G ready plan is not available anymore, not even to existing Optus prepaid mobile customers.


We do have a My Prepaid Daily plus plan you can choose from.

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New Contributor Bindiiii
New Contributor

Re: $2 Days 3G Ready;

Hi I have been on $2 a day 3G ready for years, I had not experienced any problems with it at all. In 2016 I bought a new iPhone outright and had to change my original sim to a micro sim, I was assured that nothing would change, my plan would stay the same and my number would be transferred. Recently it has come to my attention that changes have been made to the $2 a day plan and now only giving customers a certain amount of data instead of unlimited. I never heard anything from Optus and only discovered the changes when my friends couldn’t believe I was on such an awesome pre paid plan. Now I’ve discovered that Optus have stopped the original 2$ a day unlimited plan and replaced it, fair enough but what about the existing customers who have the original unlimited plan? Surely you can not change a plan without their consent? Please reply 

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RetiredModerator Toomey

Re: $2 Days 3G Ready;

Hey @Bindiiii, you should be notified in advance of any changes to your plan with alternate options moving forward. If you shoot me a private message with your phone number, full name and DOB, I can check the notes for more information on this one.

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