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New Contributor PresidentMorty
New Contributor

1st Time Optus Experience

On the 17th of April 2018, I put in an online order for a Samsung Galaxy S9+. 
On the 18th of April 2018, Order was dispatched from the warehouse.

On the 19th of April 2018, StarTrack confirmed delivery ETA was that day.
On the 20th of April 2018, StarTrack launched an investigation as no one knew where my phone went.

23rd of April 2018:
Here's where it begins. I called StarTrack up to ask for an update on the investigation but got told to contact Optus. I called Optus and after waiting the long hold, I got none and they offered to contact me frequently if there's an update. I waited all day hoping that someone would update me on the situation as I began to start getting mad. 

24th of April 2018:
Talked to Optus and told them to just cancel my order as I couldn't wait another week for a crappy courier to finish their investigation and for another few days for Optus to send a new phone. Optus rep told me he cancelled the order. So I went to the Optus Store to apply for the same phone plan there instead. To me and the Optus Store Rep's surprise, I was declined on credit check. I showed the Optus Store Rep that I've been approved online so he immediately tried again for the second time and still declined. 

He went to call Optus for straight 4 hours (take note I was right there listening to Optus put him on hold for the majority of the 4-hour wait). Optus told him to tell me to go get a bank statement for the last 2 months so I did. I run to the nearest bank, wait half an hour in the queue and came back to the store and gave the statement in. It was around 5 PM where Optus finally told him that I was getting declined due to my current online order that hasn't been cancelled yet even though some Optus Rep told me he already cancelled it.  The Optus Store Rep finally approached me and told me what had happened to the Credit Check and apologised. He offered to call me back Thursday morning so he could process the application again and he would call me once the credit check is approved so that I could just come to the store, sign and take my items and leave. NO WAITING AT ALL.  

25th of April 2018:
Went on online chat with Optus to verify that my order has been cancelled and to my surprise, I was told not to contact Optus anymore as they will send a message once it's been cancelled. That made it for me. I told her "I wouldn't be contacting Optus again if my order isn't cancelled by tomorrow afternoon as I WOULD LIKELY BE WITH OTHER PROVIDER." The only reason why I'm trying to convince myself to stay with Optus is that of the Optus Store Rep. His foot was injured so he was limping around the store assisting every customer that came in and limping back to the phone everytime Optus puts him out of the hold. 

26th of April 2018:
a) Optus cancels my online order and I go get my stuff from Optus store.
b) I make sure my family and friends stay away from Optus and just choose some other provider.

UPDATED AS OF 3:07PM @ 25/04/2018

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RetiredModerator Toomey

Re: 1st Time Optus Experience

Hey @PresidentMorty (10/10 username)


I'm sorry that there have been delivery issues with your new phone, I can only imagine the frustration this has caused when waiting for your new phone.


The issue at the moment is that the phone has left the Optus warehouse, so the order can't be fully cancelled until we have confirmed it's return. While it is still with the courier, our only option is to escalate the issue with them and wait for their investigation to complete. I believe they allow up to 10 business days before confirming a device has been "lost in transit". Once we receive that confirmation, we can cancel the order or re-ship a new device.


I'll be happy to reach out to the courier for an update on your behalf. Please feel free to send me a private message with your order number, full name and DOB so I can check it out.

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