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1GB extra data added when still some data left in 25 GB data plan


I just received message from optus stating 1 GB data is added for $10. I am using a 25 GB plan and when i checked my data yesterday more than 200 mb data was left so i turned off my mobile data as tomorrow is the data reset day. Why is this extra 1 Gb data added when there is still some data left in my plan. Also i would like to know that when i checked my data last night it was more than 200 mb and when i checked it today morning it was 101.33 mb. I didn’t use mobile data whole night as i was connected to wifi and my mobile data was turned off, how come my data decreased? And when i checked my data after i received the message of 1 GB add on the data shows 1000.44 mb which means i still had sone data left when 1GB data was added for $10. Please explain the terms and condition for this as i was aware that 1GB add on would be done when whole 25Gb data is used. Thanks

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Re: 1GB extra data added when still some data left in 25 GB data plan

Optus can send you usage updates up to 48+ hours after the data has been used. So its quite possible you went over your limit sometime before you turned the phone off. Optus just told you about it later. Yes, pretty poor I know.


I would wait for your bill (Optus won't ammend anything before a bill is issued anyway) as its possible the bill won't show the charge despite the warning. 


Unfortuantely Optus' practice of unwanted auto top ups (and delayed usage reporting) makes it essentially impossible to use the full monthly allowance without going over your limit accidentally sometimes. 250Mb is cutting it too fine and you should probably stop when you have 1Gb left at least. 


Note you can also set monthly limits and warnings on your phone itself if you have an Android.


Peter Gillespie

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