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New Contributor

1300724406 charging my mobile



As I cannot seem to navigate to anyone via phone at Optus, I've had to resort to this..

We have been charged 3 times from this number, 1300724406, $9.99 all of a sudden this month without our consent or knowledge and also seems it is still going and we are likely to see charges on the next bill.


How can we recitfy this and how on earth can these people just charge us whatever they want whenever they want????


Help needed ASAP, as I will not be paying all these extra charges.


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Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Re: 1300724406 charging my mobile

It sounds like a premium service charge from Mia Sphere and given that Optus is complicit in this shonky business practice I would be having a word with support and asking them to refund your money. I would also have a read of the link below as it explains what these premium service charges are and how to avoid them in the future.


Edit: Forgot to say if you are having no luck getting through to support via the telephone you could always try the live chat on the second link below.


Re: 1300724406 charging my mobile

Hey @Bluesy4684, sorry to hear that 😞


If you're still needing a hand with this you're most welcome to PM me your mobile number and date of birth and I can set a $0 spend limit on your account moving forward and dispute the charges you've received.



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