$10 epic value plan

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Be good I think if it was 1gig not 500mb. That's doesn't last long you can do it Optus ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘. How often does data get bumped up?

Re: $10 epic value plan


Optus put all sorts of specials up through the year however they do always seem to insist on really low data amounts once you drop below a certain spend per month. However you should do the maths on the plans as Optus is already offering what you want.


The $10 Epic Plan covers 21 days, so you could buy it for a year at a total cost of $175 and get around 8Gb of data.


However grab the $180 Epic plan (which lasts a year) and that nets you 60Gb for use (plus its set and forget)


So for $5 more a year, you get 5Gb a month to use instead of 0.5Gb a month.


Peter Gillespie

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