Re: 1 week for activation and still waiting...terrible communication!!


Update: 17/1/18 Some positive news. Mid morning today my account became active and all seems to be good in the world. Thanks to Scott (ID 1045292) for actually following the issue up with the IT and System Interface Teams and for making follow up calls as requested. Well done Scott! As a customer, with no access to what is actually happening in the back end, having a direct contact to get updates from (without having to repeat the story and be transfered time after time) makes a huge difference. Thanks to all involved for the resolution.

Re: 1 week for activation and still waiting...terrible communication!!


Thanks for this post, I'm experiencing the same issue and suprisingly your issue was 2 years ago yet they still to this day don't have an expedited way to resolve.


I've been waiting almost 2 weeks with constant calls and online chats. Only just received an IT request number yesterday, which takes 5 days till someone even looks at it! I can use my optus service to dial out, but no one can call me - goes straight to voicemail.


My issue is NO ONE can call me, and vodafone won't cancel my services as they haven't received a confirmation of porting from optus so now I'm PAYING FOR 2 SERVICES!!!!!!!!!


Is there anyone I can escalate this to? Just seems ridiculous.






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