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Hi all,


Just a quick question to see if anyone else has had problems upgrading after 1 year (hand in phone and get a new one) if you try doing it near day dot? I’ll explain a bit, my plan hit one year on the 3/12 and I went in to upgrade on the 4/12. I was told that the system hadn’t updated to say I could so and to come back the next day, so I came back on the 5/12, same story. They stated it is because their system is on American time? Now I’m not complaining at all the staff where awesome about it!!! Honestly, although I was disappointed (as it was the only chance I have to get in for a bit because of work), I felt more sorry for the poor staff! They said this was a common problem that they wish didn’t happen.

Anyway, any else have this problem?

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Unless the US is in daylight savings and they are winding there clocks back 48 hours, I don't think its US time that's the issue. Smiley Indifferent But obviously something is preventing the systems from being correctly updated. It does seem unbelievable that staff are unable to verify the dats manually and proceed with the process. After all, all they have to do is confirm the phone is in good nick and then sell you a new plan (note you realise the new plan is extended to another 24 months btw?).



FWIW Technically/Legally Optus is contractually obligated to handle the upgrade at the 365th day. My understanding though is that you can usually get the handset upgraded in the 11th month. Perhaps contact head office (livechat) and see what they say is on their system and they might be able to kick start the process properly.


Peter Gillespie

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Thanks Peter! Sadly this saga has continued. I simply waited until today and went in and reattempted the upgrade. Still not working. So we call their manager, he can’t work it out, so we call their support line, they can’t work it out, we scrounge through my entire account looking for what’s causing the problem and we think we have found it. Apparently because my initial delivery for this phone (this current contract) was lost in transit, as in the tracking number and everything disappeared, and I needed to get another sent, they moved forward a random date NOT on the main contract start date or any other area or their system. It’s something that none of the staff have ever seen before, essentially it’s like an expected arrival date? But it’s an expected arrival date that was put WAY to far ahead.


Anyway long story short this date is blocking my upgrade currently, and I’ve been charged from the contract start date even though I didn’t have the phone (which I admit I hadn’t noticed which is my own fault). It honestly bamboozled the 4 workers in the store, they have no idea how my account has been butchered like it has. They still wouldn’t give me a discount for the muck around though lol!

Re: 1 Year Upgrade Issues


Thanks for the info. It seems you're at least making inroads. Keep it up and you may be able to twist Optus' arm into selling you a phone and mobile plan (They don't like doing that but as a Telecommunications company they sort of feel obligated to do so) Smiley Wink


One of the issues I get at Optus is that a) Customer Service people aren't given much autonomy (aka no one you've met seems able to just swap over your phone) and that b) in the face of this customer service often apply "Optus Hacks" to try get things working for customers. It sounds like someone has tried to do this for you but as you're finding it is stuffing things up down lthe line.


Seems you might be getting closer though.


Peter Gillespie


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The initial reasoning you were given sounds peculiar. I haven't come across that one before. 


@EmperorNewo, it's starting to become much clearer after you've dug a little deeper.


We should still be able to locate the original sign up date. That's the date the original order was entered into the system, before we processed a rekey. The initial order isn't removed from the system, there's still a record. 


For how long a period were you without your handset? At this stage, given the current situation, what date do you believe the 12-month point rolls over?


@petergdownload, speaking for retail staff, they do much as they can. It's very sales orientated, not to say that there aren’t some great customer service reps in store, but they haven't clocked nearly as much hours as an agent trained on specific product/process. 


Larger stores tend to have a dedicated admin team member, with high level access to back-office systems. 


We will see a shift in the near future. Retail staff will be more empowered to take on complex enquiries.






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