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My name is Matthew Hennig not only is the Galaxy s7 edge by far the best phone I have had to date it really helps me with my vision impairment because it got all the vision assistive technology built into the phone.

I find myself using my mobile more than my PC to do everyday things such as banking calling people by voice instead of scrolling my way through my contacts.

Actually come to think of it 95% of my usage with my phone is by voice I hardly ever touch the phone and less I am unlocking the phone with my security code

And just recently I have started using my thumbprint to unlock my phone instead of my pin which is even quicker than the pin and really it's more secure
Because I am using more and more voice commands there is less chance that I will actually lose my phone of my tray because I'm not trying to hold with one hand and control with the other

The final thing I would like to mention is thank you to all those people that put U-tube videos up on how to use the Galaxy S7 edge and makes it so much easier for someone that has trouble reading to listen how to troubleshoot through a problem I don't feel that I have to ask people for help because the videos verbally explain how to fix the problem

The Galaxy S7 edge  has really enhanced my life a lot since I have had it and every day it just gets better and better with the updates that come out

Thanks for a great phone

Matt Hennig

Re: Samsung Galaxy S7 edge


Hey @m_hennig thank you for the review and it's great to hear the S7 has been so helpful! It's always nice to know that the new phone and technology is helping in the way it's intended Smiley Happy If you ever need a hand with anything in the future you're always welcome to contact us over the phone or online and we'll be happy to help out!

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Re: Samsung Galaxy S7 edge


just used the Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE for one month, it's the best phone i had ever used. I also bought one for my girlfriend. She loves it too much! Great phone to recommend. 

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