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Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

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Post a short review for the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge to share your experiences with the crowd.


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22 Replies
New Contributor Danzemon
New Contributor

Re: Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

The Galaxy S7 edge is a decent sized phone. It's really comfortable to hold. The performance of it is unbelieveably great. All my apps runs like at "Warp 10 Engage Ensign Crusher" The battery life lasts me a good day without charge, otherwise if I am using the phone a lot the charge lasts for 8 hours approximately. Note the times will be different depending on the user. I have even done a drop test on the S7 Edge and the glass didn't even crack/chip/break in any shape or form. 


Highly recommend this phone!


EDIT: I too was on the note 7 and I miss it deeply especially the s-pen. However I am very glad I recontracted to this phone and it supports my 256gb microsd card

New Contributor Tr4nce89
New Contributor

Re: Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Samsung is not only working on improvements on a hardware front, improvements on a software front compared to previous iterations has improved drastically, the TouchWiz launcher performance and usability has increased dramatically as well as the improved backup options making it more comparable to the ease of backing up and restoring an iOS device.

Hardware side is elegant, and delivers a much needed punch in performance compared to previous models. Camera quality is superb, with addition of extra featutes makes it a top contented with the competition.

Battery life is great compared to any other smart device I've used, especially after having it charging while using navigation on the phone, the battery doesn't seem to deteriorate as quickly as any other Samsung ive owned.

Theres not much to fault about this beaut. Finger print recognition is one of the best yet for this line.

The only thing Samsung really needs to improve, is thr usefulness of actually having an edged display, personally i prefer a flat screen for that extra added durability on accidental drops.

As a former Note 7 user, I'm dissapointed however without no S Pen support or that extra scren size.

New Contributor yeah_jono
New Contributor

Re: Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

This is one of the best phones on the market. If you are looking for a phone with a great battery, with all the latest technologies it’s for you.



Great battery - if you are looking for a phone which easily lasts the day, look no further

Camera - One of the best on the market!

Build - Feels good in the hand and has the latest specs.

Screen – great colours + bright

Finger scanner – The fastest one. It’s up with the iPhone7



Its fairly big – If you are looking for a small/medium size phone, this may be a little to big.

Occasional Contributor JessLM
Occasional Contributor

Re: Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

The Samsung S7 edge is great for people who want a nice looking phone with out needing a degree to work.

Picture: For me, the picture is great. It is clear and bright.

Camera: I is ok but could be better - I am currently building a house and the colour difference between real life and the phone is disappointingly clear.

Battery: lasts a day and a bit with moderate use but the ultra power saving mode is a life saver. 

Speed: i haven't had any problems as yet.

What the phone can do: Same as ever other smartphone really, but i love that i can now change themes... i can make it look how i want it Smiley Happy 


Over all... great for anyone wanting a great looking phone which will last them a day and a bit with out dying half way through.

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New Contributor Shuey
New Contributor

Re: Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

agree the S7 edge is good . I had no other option but to move to the edge . I do sorely miss my NOTE 7 everyday 

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Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

Re: Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

This was the most logical move after the recall of the Note7 as the size and display are slightly compareable. The design of the screen and the edge seem a little fumbly at times when holding the device and texting but it can be gotten used to. The feel of the menus could have been mirrored to that of the Note7 considering they were released around the same period. The device has pretty good battery life and an amazing camera that is clear and takes some amazing photos. The sound quality to greatly improved when compared to previous samsung devices. The downside as a regular Note user is the absence of the s pen and the screen and feel of the phone feels considerably smaller than that of the Note7. Overall, the feel of the phone is pretty good and I love the fact that although everywhere I looked says it wouldnt work, my 256gb memory card works in the phone well. I do however, if you havent guessed do sorely and greatly miss the Note7 everyday. It was the best designed and feel smartphone I have ever used.

New Contributor jas
New Contributor

Re: Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

This is the best phone i have used ever.

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New Contributor hammo
New Contributor

Re: Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

I love my S7 edge

The quality of the build is outstanding and the performance is second to none.

I love that that it has the ability to tak a SD card for extra sorage.

The quality of the photos and videos that it takes are awesome ( especially when you cast them to the TV via chromecast)

Overall this is the best phone I have ever owned

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Contributor Onemadgooner

Re: Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

This is by far the best phone on the market and that I have ever owned


Was a long time iPhone user and last 2 years had a Windows Phone (lack of apps just got to me)


I took the leap into Android and my only regret is that I didnt do it sooner, Miles ahead of iOS/Apple and the phone is amazing


Pro's - Battery life is enormous, customisation on Android is fantastic (its my phone so I should be able to change it to my needs...Take note Apple!) a plethora of apps, AMOLED screen is simply stunning, Still the best camera on the market by far and get regular updates pushed out by Optus


Cons - Not a lot really, im extremely happy


If you are thinking about getting a S7 Edge do it, its an amazing phone you wont regret it

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