Samsung Galaxy S5

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Post a short review for the Samsung Galaxy S5 to share your experiences with the crowd.


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Re: Samsung Galaxy S5


It's fast, powerful and probably the ugliest phone on the market. Only a mother could love it yet I think it's the best phone on the market.

Re: Samsung Galaxy S5


I am really happy with the Camera on this phone. Much better than my old S4.


Great sized screen.


Only thing I don't like is when I swipe too far left it goes into some weird app that i never use.

Re: Samsung Galaxy S5


Such an easy phone to use.  Can't wait to upgrade to the s7.

Re: Samsung Galaxy S5


I owned a SG5 before eventually (many cheap flimsy break on first drop Phones) SG7S - which is perfect mobile device anyone can own, I my opinion.

I though my SG5 was brilliant - Samsung just keep getting better and better. 

I have tried most brands (Apple,LG,Sony,ZTE,Ebay cheapest as I have a tendency to break them. Samsung is the only brand I haven't had to replace within the first 3 months of purchase. 

Re: Samsung Galaxy S5


Used the Samsung Galaxy S5 for two years, now i'm ready to change to latest S8, but the S5 is really good mobile phone for daily use. 

Re: Samsung Galaxy S5


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Re: Samsung Galaxy S5


broke down..could not hear anyone..went to op[  the runa rouynd by a shop the run around online, got the run around on one wanted to help so had to go out and buy a new phone..

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