Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 8


Galaxy Note 8 is a superb, fast, note-worthy phone for people on the go. It allows to do seemless multi-tasking with multi-windows, split windows options and then you have the added feature of taking notes while you are on a call or have got something to save for later. The side widget is fancy where you can have all your frequent contacts and launch frequently used apps with one swipe. Last but not the least, the assistant 'Bixby' has got great handy capabilities to run erranrds for you during the day e.g. turning WIFI/Blutooth on or off, starting navigation, setting alarms, extracting info about any object by pointing your phone at it (called Bixby Vision) and loads of other helful features.


All in all, I love this phone !

Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 8


Awesome stuff Smiley Happy What are your thoughts on the new GS Note 9




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