Unlock Your Prepaid Mobile Phone or Device

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Unlocking your Prepaid Mobile is pretty easy these days but before we get started there are a few points we need to cover off:


  • We can only remove a network lock from devices sold by Optus directly
  • A fee may be applicable depending on how long your service has been active, (so have your credit card handy)
  • You need your IMEI (you can get this by entering *#06# on the keypad)




If you have an iPhone 4 or higher and you’re already running iOS 7 then your iPhone is already unlocked from the Optus Network.  If not, you can update your device to iOS 7.


If you have an iPhone 3G, 3GS or if you don’t want to update to iOS 7, perform a backup and then restore your iPhone with iTunes.  When done, this will automatically unlock your device. 


Other Mobile Devices (Eg. Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, etc.)


A fee is charged to unlock the device but the amount depends on how long your service has been active with us. 


  • If connected for less than 6 months a $80 fee applies
  • If your handset has been continuously active for more than 6 months a $25 fee


What Next?  Make sure you have your credit card handy and click on the Optus Mobile Device Unlock page to get the code. 


  1. After you've received the code, you'll need to switch the device off
  2. Insert a Non-Optus SIM into your handsets & restart your device
  3. Enter your network unlock code into the device or its companion/connection software on your computer.
  4. Switch your device off, then on again


Not working as expected? Device specific instructions can provide some additional support & are available here under the section ‘Network Unlocking Instructions’. 


Using an older device? Different rules apply for handsets purchased before the 03/09/12.  Click here for more info.

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