Turn Incoming Caller ID On or Off

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Activating Caller ID will allow your phone number to be displayed when you make a call, it will also show the number of who's calling you. Keep in mind that blocked or silent numbers still won't display with Caller ID active.


You can turn Caller ID on or off for your mobile service online in My Account.  


Just follow the steps below:


1 - Login to My Account


2 - Click on the 'Dashboard' tab


3 - Choose your mobile service then click the 'Settings' tab


4 - Once you're in the 'Settings' tab click 'Setup' next to 'Call diversion and settings'


5 - Follow the prompts to switch Caller ID on or off


Once you've successfully submitted the request this is what you'll see in My Account, the change can take up to 4 hours to process:


Caller ID My Account.png



If you're not wanting to permanently have your Caller ID on show or hidden, you can also manually do this per call.


To show your number when calling just dial 1832 before the number you're calling


To hide your number when calling just dial 1831 before the number you're calling


Both of these show/hide options work for Mobiles and Home Phones.

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