Late Fees: Want to avoid them?

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So here's the tip on how to avoid late fees with Optus - they get applied when your balance meets certain criteria and can be avoided by not triggering the most basic issue.


  •  Get your balance under $50.00 asap after the bill is sent.

Let's say your bill is sent on the 1st of every month, this starts a bill cycle that stays in play for as long as anything is owing on that bill.

24 days after the bill is sent - whether you received it or not - any balance over $50 will trigger a $15 Late Fee on the 24th day of the month


So say we hit day 24 of the billing month, and your balance is $50.00 or above = late fee applied

Same day 24 of the cycle on a balance of $49.99 = no fee applied - it really is that simple.


If the balance is over $100 on day 24 then its a base $15 late fee PLUS 1% of the amount over $100.


Keep in mind CS will help you avoid late fees for extraodinary circumstances if you can't get the balance under $50 by day 24, but that depends on you contacting them BEFORE the late fees are applied. Preferably before the actual due date... Self service payment extensions by Optus APP and website no longer carry the automatic late fee waiver as of late 2015.


"I was too busy" or "I've been with the company X years" carries less weight than you might think if you've got multiple late fees already waived in the past 12 months, so do yourself a favour and make any arrangements early and stick to them. 


The financial credit teams of all the companies you deal with will note every failed arrangement that customers fail to live up to, and it gets that much harder to get an agreement with the same company the next time.


Just my 2c, hope it helps.



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