How do I save Voice mails?

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21st Oct 2015, 1:24pm

From time to time some of us receive voicemails that are so important we want to keep them for an extended period of time. When you're using the standard voicemail feature you can save your messages for up to 7 days however after this (or if you choose to delete them) theyr'e gone for good. 


The only way to store your voicemails for extended periods of time is to use our Voice to MMS feature. What this does is convert your voicemail message to an audio file and sends it to your handset in an MMS. You can then store, forward or delete the message as you like. 


In order for this to work, you'll need Voice to MMS activated prior to receiving the MMS you want to store. If you don't have it activated, unfortunately we're unable to retrospectively send you the voicemail message as an audio file. 


For more information on Voice to MMS including cost, how to activate and how to use it, please refer here.

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