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New Contributor jf9999
New Contributor

how to prevent spoilers?

...when catching up on games

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Moderator Aman_B

Re: how to prevent spoilers?

Hi @jf9999, game scores are not shown if you're watching an on demand game. The scores are only visible if you click on results.

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Occasional Contributor KB78
Occasional Contributor

Re: how to prevent spoilers?

Everytime us customers turn on optus tv its automatically replayng a game - probably the one from the night before we want to watch from the start with no spoilers.


Also if you flick through the menu it shows pictures (eg it currently has a picture of coutinho celebrating so gives impression liverpool beat west brom - which having watched the game it is indeed from that game !)/ headlines etc before you can try and watch the game without spoilers.


So Optus needs to listen to customers and provide an option to just provide a menu...without deafulting to what is on optus 1 (which doesn have the score in the top corner) or to have spoilers in headlines before you can enter replays without seeing them.


RetiredModerator Gen_R

Re: how to prevent spoilers?

Hey KB78 - if you want to turn off the spoilers, you can watch the match on the dedicated channel. 

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