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Subscription and charges

Hi there,


A while back I checked our families eligibilty to receive access to the PL and registered. I received an email saying that for the duration that Optus holds the rights to the league we will get to watch it for free.


Recently, about 2 days ago I received a second email stating that after July 2017, we will be charged an additional 15$ per month to keep this subscription.


These are two seperate emails both to me stating two seperate things and I'm quite confused. It could be because my email is linked to different optus accounts (I think. I'm not quite sure / can't remember what I've done there).


Is there anybody that can help me figure this out?



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Re: Subscription and charges

Hey @NathanH, sorry for the confusion - just to confirm, if you are on an Internet bundle that is over the $85 per month price point PL will be included at no extra charge for the life of the plan. Hope this helps 🙂


If you need a hand with signing up for the App please let me know. 

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