Random Premier League Cancellation email


Tonight I received a random email from Optus stating "Hi there, As you requested, we've cancelled your subscription to the Premier League. This change will be effective as of your next bill cycle. Your Optus Sports Team"


I have not requested this to happen at all, today all I did was order a new Mighty Fetch TV box to upgrade my Gen 2 fetch TV box and I also called up to have my internet services relocated in 6 weeks as I'm moving houses. I NEVER requested my premier league subscription be cancelled.


Whats going on Optus? 


Re: Random Premier League Cancellation email


Hmm. It could be related to your relocation request. A relocation is really a disconnection at your old house and a new install at your new address. You'll receive a new account number etc. If you are eligible for an Optus service at your new address then your existing plan and contract carry over. Your EPL subscription should carry over to your new address/account as well. You can speak with our Relocations team directly  on 1300555241 and confirm that. I'd recommend double-checking when the disconnection is scheduled to take place at your current premises.

Re: Random Premier League Cancellation email


i today received the same email, however my only engagement with optus was that i called up for the 9th time to find out where my fetch tv box is. bearing in mind i ordered it before the last pemeier league season ended, the least i would have hoped is that i had it in time for the start of this season. must of been too much to ask.


honestly has been my worst consumer experiencce of my life. but hey, they'll give me a $40 discount for it taking this long!


what a joke!


can anyone tell me what the email is in reference to, because they better not have actually cancelled my subscription. it would be the last straw.

Re: Random Premier League Cancellation email


Can definitely appreciate how frustrating the situation is @nigaldo - if you're able to PM me the email address which is registered to your Optus Sport account I'm happy to check on the status of your subscription.

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