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New Contributor ozzygoon
New Contributor

Password incorrect (apparently)

Since the latest update where I was force logged out, I haven't been able to log back into the Optus Sports App. I have reset my password through MyOptus, through the website and am able to login and see my balance, data usage etc, but when attempting to sign in through Optus Sports App get an invalid username/password error. I have tried resetting password through OS App and the link in the email opens the OS App at the sign in page so cannot reset through App. I uninstalled App hoping that would make a difference and tried the link but no luck. Reinstalled App and still cannot login. Anyone encountered this/any solutions for this?


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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Password incorrect (apparently)

The My Optus App and Optus Sport app's don't have the same username/passwords unless the user sets them that way.

Please try going to the Optus Sport website and resetting your password. 

When the email arrives, try and open the reset password link in a separate window if needed.

Let us know how you go.

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