How do i manage my devices?


Im trying to resolve a playback error on my s7edge. Initially unable to find a direct help number i found a tech support number only to find (after punching in phone numbers 1's and 5's and then repeating) we're experiencing technical dificulties... i tried an optus store very helpfully gave me a direct support number only to be told the premier thing is beyond their remit, got transferred to a generic helpline and having explained my situation for a third time, found myself 27th in a queue, unfortunately i hadnt got more than an hour as my wife had an obstectrics appointment, so again helpfully the girl in the shop said she would take the hold and ask that they call back later that afternoon, no body phoned back. I've been all over your forum (why do i have to read through two hours of text that tells me nothing) i found a chat help thing and started typing only to be cut off cause i typed too slowly. Ive looked into this a bit and think it might be down to my linked devices. However ive also realised how ill thought out this is. You cant manage your epl stuff on the epl app, you have to register on several unrelated media, two different web sites, two apps and theres no access to direct help. Then i find out you can only make one change per month, so if im on 4 devices and want to add itll take a month or 32 days, one month to delete then add one the next. When i look at what other providers err provide, the Optus option seems to be designed by an incompetent, out of touch committee. Anyway, all i want to do, seeing as optus makes it very difficult to find help is try and fix it myself. I just want to manage my devices. Please give me a link to the actual page... its taken hours of frustration for what seems like a simple fix... and it works on ipad and windows pc... even hotspotting from the phone in question...

Please dont ask if ive turned it off and turned it on again, that would send me to the opposition, ive lost count of the number of employees ive explained my situation to.

Either that or speak to someone that knows a bit more than reading a script...


Re: How do i manage my devices?


Hi @Scruffyo_0, that’s very disheartening to hear Smiley Sad ! Can you give us some more info about what's happened? Perhaps we can help you here.

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Re: How do i manage my devices?



So, without all the politics!

I have a Samsung S7 edge (SM-G935F). Im trying to play content off the Optus Sports app. Whether im playing off a mobile (3g,4g etc) or via my Optus home broadband i get Playback error, please reload the stream and try again. My Windows laptop and my iPad work fine (laptop via the web, iPad via the (mac) Optus Sports app) off my broadband, they even work when i use the phone as a hotspot.

So, im erring on the phone being wrong somehow. All other web stuff (youtube and the like, games (i dont play that many) and accessing the cloud microsoft, google drive... all fine)

When i was tinkering with reinstalling the app, after removing app and deleting caches and restarting and re-registering i noticed that the phone was listed twice in the registered devices list... im wanting to remove one instance to further the investigation but cant find (nearly swore again there 😆) the device manager. Why it isnt part of the app, or easy to find is beyond me as a software tester, and why the dance round various help desks and forums is just frustrating when i want to just try a simple fix...

Hope this puts you in the picture...

Andy. (Scruffy)

Re: How do i manage my devices?


I should add the phone is on an optus business $100 plan, and the soccer was a deal maker (im English...).

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So i found it. But i cant delete the duplicated device (my new phone) because i tried adding an iPad (my wifes) while trying to sort the problem myself... in the absense of anyone who'll listen beyond 'ive got a playback error...'. So now im royally douched, the season starts in 4 days and i cant make changes for thirty days (who in their tiny minds thought that idea made any sense... is it solely profit driven?) I need help. Otherwise im leaving Optus after 7 years... 

Wheres the tech support that said they would phone back? 

When ive tried phoning subsequently you've 'had technical difficulties' and unceremoniously dumped me, sorry rung off.

Oh yeah, also i took out a new plan a month ago (for the soccer) and my old details and numbers and plans are still listed on the my optus app not the new consolidated plan... And probably not helping even if i got through to someone useful, cause it'd be another issue to sort.

Im almost certain the original playback error will be sorted if i just delete the duplicated device in the list of registered devices. But at the moment ill have to miss the first four games of the season just to see if it does actually sort the issue.

BTW, I dont have hours on end... ill try phoning later today... 

Why is there no 'my posts' in the search... its just extra bloody time trawling through irrelevant shish in order to add or read the solution...?


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So, to continue. 

I spoke to Neill, very nice chap. He found an issue with folk who previously registered between july 1st and 10th, if the subsequently log in again after a reinstall  ...this causes an error in their back end, a solution would be to delete the old email and reregister with a new mail (after uninstalling and reinstalling the optus sports app. This didnt work for my phone (the S7edge) but i swapped my SIM to an HTC M9 (just had one lying around...!). Logged on with the new arbitrary email, content played perfectly.

So the problem appears to be limited to my particular S7edge. Judging by the relatively happy S7 customers reviews on google play, S7's dont seem to have a problem with optus sports...

Just mine...

Its rooted for the record (no wierd software, just superSU & TWRP).

...but before you scoff, ive just restored factory software (not rooted no super SU no TWRP) and it still doesnt play...


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