FRUSTRATED with "Start from the Beginning", via Apple TV & Optus Fetch Mighty TV


 I am new to Optus & Optus Sport and can’t seem to find instructions on how to ‘manage’ it…

Tonight my NBN connection was clocked at 90mbps


Take tonight for example,


28 October Manchester United vs Tottenham


I can access the match on my TV via:


  1. Apple TV Optus Sport App
  2. Optus Fetch Mighty Optus Sport
  3. Optus Fetch Mighty Terrestrial TV (SBS) - set to record the event.


I missed the start of the match.


In this situation, I never go to the Optus Fetch Mighty Optus Sport because  it never gives me the choice to select from "START from the beginning" or LIVE.  When I choose the match, Optus Sport Fetch will go straight to playing the match LIVE; regardless of when it actually commenced.


So I always go to Apple TV Optus Sport App & it gives me the option of watching it LIVE or "START from the beginning".


I chose to Start from the beginning. Frustratingly, the program started hours before the match with all sorts of commentary and advertising. I was unable to fast forward to the start of the match.


Constant pressing fast forward caused the app to crash & it refused to work again. I went through a series of troubleshooting steps which included restarting the machine & deleting/reinstalling the Optus Sport App.


Eventually I could access Optus Sport. However every time I selected "Start from the beginning"… It would play the match LIVE.


I was forced to abandon the Apple TV.


Luckily I was recording this match from SBS and the Fetch allowed me to Fast Forward and skip all the preamble and go straight to Start of the match.


 This is not the first time I have faced this situation. Previous times I have not had the benefit of having option 3. I was therefore forced to wait until the whole match was over & then access it via On Demand.




  1. Does Optus Fetch TV Optus Sport have the ability to allow the user to select "START from Beginning"
  2. How to choose "Start from Beginning" and skip forward past all the preamble to the start of the match.
  3. Why wouldn’t Apple TV Optus Sport app refuse to ReStart from the Beginning and always go to the LIVE stream.









Re: FRUSTRATED with "Start from the Beginning", via Apple TV & Optus Fetch Mighty TV


Annnnnnd 2 years later this problem is still happening! Trying to watch a European league game from the start while it was still being played this morning via Apple TV. Clicked ‘watch from start’ and it went straight to live - showed us the score about ¾ of the way through the game and ruined the experience. Thanks Optus.

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