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New Contributor Epochery
New Contributor

Epl subscription cancelled

I get that when something is new there can be teething problems but please optus get this right. I get an email saying my subscription is cancelled at my request funny since I didnt contact optus at all. So i try to see my account but no help. Try to call no one answers look up how to renew still no way. Dozens of people same issue no resolution this fails on so many levels. No really something you expect when you pay over $350 a month 

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RetiredModerator Hollie

Re: Epl subscription cancelled

Hey @Epochery, sounds a bit strange 😕 Was your subscription tied to a service that has had any account changes made on it recently such as change of plan or address? More than happy to have a look into this for me if you can PM me through your full name, DOB, Optus mobile or account number and the email address you're using to sign in?

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