Cancel EPL Subscription NOW!


How on earth do I cancel this EPL Subscription it is an absolute JOKE!

Error 503 first byte timeout

first byte timeout

Guru Mediation:

Details: cache-mel6521-MEL 1471093910 1531272075

ALL THE TIME!!!!! Why should I even pay for a product that does not even work! 

Refund and removal of this from my account PLEASE! 

Re: Cancel EPL Subscription NOW!


Hi Camothy, you will be able to manage the EPL subscription yourself when this function is added to the platform soon. Until then the EPL subscription is free for this season anyway. 


What we can do for you is attempt to fix this error you are receiving. How are you attempting to watch the content? Is it by Fetch TV, Apple TV, Mobile or PC? Also please provide details on the device and OS you are using and any other error messages you have received.

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