unable to log into internet account


Have just been sent a temporary password for my email which must be changed in 5 days. Email is now working but optus keeps sending me messages saying that the password will expire and to log on or call customer care.


However when I try and log into member services - internet account to change the password I get a message saying 


There has been an internal server error. Please try to login again


and customer care is impossible to contact, this has been going on for a few of days and have tried online chat and phone calls with multiple tranfers and hours on hold with no resolution.


The phone menu is difficult to navigate as this problem does not fit into any of the automatic respones hence the run around.


I would appreciate some help optus customer care

Re: unable to log into internet account


@kbl, have you registered the service for


Does your account number start with an 8 or 9?


-Log into your

- Click on the username that's linked to your broadband service 

- Click on the, Settings' tab.

- Click Manage my Optus email accounts

- You'll be given the option to change your password.


Let us know how it goes, we're happy to help out. 




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